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Kansas City is on the rise, and its commercial real estate market is booming alongside it. Whether you’re a seasoned investor seeking your next big deal or an entrepreneur searching for the perfect spot, Zelmo Realty  is your trusted partner.

What We Do

At Zelmo Realty, we’re your compass in the vibrant Kansas City commercial real estate landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned investor seeking the perfect property for expansion or an ambitious entrepreneur launching your dream venture, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to navigate your every need.

Finding Your Space

From bustling downtown offices to thriving retail hubs and industrial buildings, our team of brokers intimately know the city’s pulse, connecting you with properties that match your vision and budget.


We’re skilled negotiators, advocating fiercely for your interests throughout the transaction process, ensuring you secure the best terms and conditions. Let us guide you in Kansas City’s dynamic commercial landscape.

Beyond the Lease

Our expertise extends beyond the initial contract. We provide ongoing property management, tenant relations, and market insights, ensuring your investment thrives for years to come.

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How We Work



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We go beyond online listings, tapping our network and market knowledge to find perfect-fit properties, even those not publicly advertised.



Negotiation Ninjas

Forget one-sided contracts. We are skilled negotiators who can advocate for your best interests. We push back on unreasonable demands, fight for favorable terms like rent concessions or tenant improvement allowances, and ensure the final agreement is balanced and protects your business.



We Speak the Language of Contracts:

Zelmo doesn’t just focus on the immediate contract. We consider the long-term implications, such as renewal options, exit clauses, and potential maintenance responsibilities, ensuring you’re not locked into a disadvantageous situation down the line.

What our clients say


Zelmo Realty’s deep market knowledge, commitment to client satisfaction and exceptional
follow-through made our property acquisition smooth.

  What truly stood out was their dedication to ensure my needs were met – they made
the process stress-free and always kept me informed and engaged.

– Trent Skaggs

Executive VP Planning and Development at HMC/CAH Consolidated, Inc.,

Zelmo Realty went the extra mile of sourcing property that aligned to Community America’s overall strategy. He listened to our needs and stayed the course with the seller that
helped navigate some complex steps along the way. We didn’t feel we were one of many clients. Kelvin made us feel like we were the MOST important client.

– Lisa Ginter CEO,

 Community America Credit Union

What our clients say

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Your vision, our hustle, your success.
Empower your success with our insights
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